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11/12/2012, Ⓐ International Workers Association / Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (IWA-AIT) Ⓐ

Solidarity with the Workers of Natais!

No Repression for Speaking Out! español | pусский | français
On Thursday, December 13, 2012, former workers from the Natais popcorn factory in Bézéril, France will go to trial for supposed „defamation” of their ex-employer, for talking about their working conditions on a blog.

Among the problems the workers faced was exposure to Diacetyl. This chemical can cause bronchitis obliterans, also known as „popcorn workers' lung”, or other serious respiratory illnesses. Diacetyl is a component of the artificial butter flavor used in microwave popcorn. Bronchitis obliterans is irreversible and can lead to death.

Protest Against Thieving Bosses at Messeshop


What a mess! Messeshop firm has been refusing to pay immigrant workers for almost one year. Send them a protest and let them know what you think of their practices!
Sign the online petition here.
In May 2012, two comrades from FAU went to their section, Construction and Technology, asking for help as they had been waiting several months to payment for work they had done.

Education workers’ strike in Slovakia after two weeks – global solidarity welcome!

See Priama akcia's summary of the strike.
Protest actions in front of Slovak institutions abroad are more than welcome – preferably this week!
You can send an e-mail directly via the e-form on the Priama akcia website.

Priama Akcia's Summary of the Ongoing Education Workers' Strike in Slovakia (Nov. 26 - Dec.7 2012)

Monday, November 26
Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science (OZ PŠaV) with over 50 000 members (of approximately 125 000 working in the education sector) starts an indefinite strike to sign the collective agreement a week before next year’s budget is to be signed. They demand:
- a 10 percent rise in tariff wages for all workers in the sector,
- a gradual increase of the GDP share spent on education to 6 percent until 2016,
- a gradual wage increase reaching a level of 1,2 - 1,6 percent above the average wage in the national economy for the teachers in regional education and 1,7 - 3 percent for those in the institutions of higher education
- a guarantee of a minimum wage for the lowest tariff wage for non-pedagogical employees workers.

The strike is joined by 73 percent of elementary schools, 70 percent of high schools and over 5 percent of the institutions in higher education.

USI Parma Protests against Improper Presentation of their History

The Di Vittorio Foundation, an association affiliated to CGIL, the most important union in Italy, established a convention in Parma about the centenary of USI-AIT, without informing the USI-AIT section in Parma, the 6th of December 2012. About 15 workers belonging to USI-AIT Parma interrupted this meeting, despite the presence of several policeman outside the hall, leafleting an announcement whose title was: "USI-AIT, 100 YEARS OF AUTONOMOUS MANAGEMENT, NEVER WITH CGIL AND ALWAYS AGAINTS THE MASTERS". USI Parma considered this meeting as disrespectful, since no information was given to the USI local section, since there was a respectful relationship between CGIL and USI before this event, furthermore this act has been seen by USI as an historical manipulation inscribed in a process that CGIL is leading from several years, trying to
change some features of the most important event of the local unionist history, especially those that involved the revolutionary union as protagonist.

USI-AIT Parma Section

Protest against Exploitation at the Teltower Rübchen farm

A conflict has been going on almost a half year between FAU and the ecological farm Teltower Rübchen. The problems concern improper payment during training periods, not following health and safety laws, low wages and the use of immigrant labour without contracts.

[Sabadell] The end of the strike in the “Casa de les Monges” residence


The company removed the sanctions on CNT workers, after almost two months of intermittent indefinite strike. On Thursday, November 29 the residence management finally met with the strike committee of CNT. The following points were agreed at the meeting:
The company made a commitment not to lower the salaries of the workers, at least for now.

They will pay the Christmas bonus to workers, on a prorated basis until the Government pays the debts to the company.

Solidarity with the Workers of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

sanraf.png Our comrades in the USI-AIT have been protesting, striking and struggling against the planned dismissal of 244 workers at San Raffaele Hospital and the cencellation of contract agreements which were won after many years of struggle.
Workers have been picketing the hospital, staging occupations, road blocks, strikes and other actions since November 1. Below is some information sent from USI:

CAPGEMINI o el reflejo de las TICs

Capgemini, o simplemente “Cap” como decimos sus trabajadores, es una multinacional francesa del ámbito de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TICs) que está implantada en España a través de sus ocho sedes. A nivel mundial tiene una plantilla de más de 120.000 trabajadores, de los que 4.000 trabajamos en España.
Cap es el estereotipo de TIC: eslóganes comprometidos con el talento, la libertad, la solidaridad o la igualdad. “People matter, results count” (“Las personas importan, los resultados cuentan”), reza su consigna.

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