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REGISTER fraudulent ATENEU libertarians of Sabadell

->Inglés REGISTER fraudulent ATENEU libertarians of Sabadell

REGISTER fraudulent ATENEU libertarians of SabadellUpgrading to 14.30The same day the Honourable Mossos d'Esquadra police efforts to evict Can Piella spend a Wednesday 15 May in 2013, do not have nothing better to do that without a warrant to enter the premises of the Athenaeum Libertarian Sabadell.No one yet knows the reasons for this record illegal, said only that the order dictated by the National Court in Madrid. -Update: it seems that the operation affects other state locations. The judge is talking Santiago Pedraza and 5 arrests, one in SabadellThe local Libertarian Ateneo de Sabadell, the CNT ownership of this place is an open space for the whole working Sabadell, where numerous groups and people from other parts of Sabadell and have fun tasks, cultural and social for years. The same group of Athenian assembly Libertarian 15M local people, local coordinators Tamazight, among many others, have made use of this space. Therefore, we do not understand why these bodies seek to use this open space in a city lacking in both spaces as it was Sabadell, known for alleged corrupt affairs of former Mayor Manuel Bustos, shopkeepers reactionary (as Central Market that opened in episodes of general strikes) and certain patina "carcatòlica" in certain areas. Metaphorically, a part of the facade of the City of Sabadell we are a historical headquarters of Banco Sabadell, across a fairly large church, and if we look to the back door of the town hall will see another church with a statue and the fundamentalist carcatòlic Sarda Salvany!The libertarian movement Sabadell, from its origins in the nineteenth century to the present day, it has always been the struggle for a better world, something that is still valid today, especially in times of social cuts and casualization of our lives. What unemployed and unemployed youth with no future workers aware migrants, idealistic or pragmatic and other people organize and fight for his ideals is no reason for a record. The underlying reason for these people under orders from Madrid is nothing to frighten people and spends part of his time to say NO to all these abuses we suffer as a class of the disinherited people benefit materials this capitalist system and, moreover, in modern times, we have spent years suffering the consequences of a crisis caused by the psychopathic vanity of a system, such as liberal democracy, based on profit and predation economy.The start of registration has begun without warning any person of ownership of the building, there was no court order and when the first person has approached the place made for information and documentation, then proceeded to seal the local Libertarian Ateneo de Sabadell. For now, therefore, and given the long history of the Mossos d'Esquadra (police beatings, lost eyes from rubber bullets supposedly, pardoned for abuse among a broad etc.), anything can be expected from this entry, in my view, not entirely legal ...Now a group of supportive people are concentrated in the vicinity of the premises Passage Edgardo Ricetti, awaiting the presence of a legal secretary and warrant ...An eyewitness of the events member of the CNT Sabadell-Update: the detainees have been accused of a terrorist group petànyer enalteminet it. Suffice to say that geneaologia the word "terrorism" was created during the French Revolution of 1789, particularly following the Jacobin government and criticism, which accused the regime of terror liberla. Basically, terrorism has always been a tool of state structures, socio-political hierarchy, which try to control people and resources of their land course, either by force of propaganda or by force of weapons. Obviously states, present and future, try to be the "monopoly of force" as a fundamental estatègia to accomplish their goals. The obvious use of the word terrorism, terrorism systemic paradoxically time (deshaucis, unemployment, police brutality ...) and general crisis is a propaganda tool. Any episode that minimally breaking mechanisms allowed the protest (ie, the demonstration was peaceful and may not bother much, collecting signatures and talking to the Mass Media), of course, as old strategy of established power, try labeling it under the argument of terrorism. Still present in our memories is the attempt to link the escratxes, made by people close to or within the active movement against deshaucis at terroirsme, so this new operation against anarchism, we can expect a script worthy of Hollywood But for now ... it seems that it works, years of schooling or propaganda media have socialization that if you say terrorist, violent or other unpleasant adjectives probably still find people who believe it ... Enough assemblies and criminalization! -

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