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13/05/2012 Ⓐ International Workers Association / Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (IWA-AIT) Ⓐ

Holland and Barrett feels the pressure in Brighton

On Saturday 12th May the Solidarity Federation with help from members of Brighton Benefits Campaign held a third picket outside Holland and Barrett’s main North Street store.

We experienced the usual response from the public with about a fifty-fifty split between those continuing to shop there and those who respected the boycott.  Some potential customers who went into the shop came out after reading the leaflet to say they had changed their minds.  Many passers by offered encouragement to the picketers and others were shocked to discover that an ‘ethical business’ would use unpaid labour.

ASF Brisbane : Reinstate Domino’s Pizza Drivers Wages

Reinstate Domino's Pizza Drivers Wages!
ASF Brisbane has initiated a campaign against Domino’s Pizza for recently slashing workers wages by 19%, overnight, calling for the reinstatement of the workers wages.
“This proactive approach is about ensuring we our operating our business ethically and in the best interests of our valuable team members,” a statement from chief executive Don Meij in regard an audit on driver wages held in February.
It appears Domino’s only uses these words it doesn’t mean them.

Join with the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation and show solidarity to our members and other Domino’s Pizza workers who have lost 19% of their wage on Monday 14th of May, 4pm outside their offices at Level 8, 240 Sandgate Rd, Albion in Brisbane, Queensland.

São Paulo - Relato do 1º de Maio

La Fragua Gremial

Picket at Empik in Warsaw

empikmarszal2.pngOn May 13, ZSP picketed at another Empik bookstore in Warsaw, kicking off a national campaign against the chain.

Contact with Empik workers started a couple of years ago when we received many denounciations against the firm from people around Poland during the "Worst Employer of the Year" contest. Every year, more and more employees wrote with the same complaints: unpaid overtime work, being forced to work while ill, having trash contracts, being forced to do heavy or dangerous work, lack of proper health and safety measures and mobbing. Now a few employees around Poland want to fight back and one is even suing the chain for unpaid overtime. And we offer our support to them and all workers who would like to organize.

Варшава: Акция во время корпоративного совещания «Рош»

10 мая представители базельской штаб-квартиры компании "Рош" организовали в Варшаве встречу с сотрудниками "Рош Польша". В связи с тем, что присутствовало свыше 100 человек, встреча проходила в кинотеатре торгового  центра, расположенного поблизости с варшавским офисом компании. Союз синдикалистов Польши (ZSP) также получил информацию о мероприятии и организовал информационную акцию протеста.

Sevilla: Bar Antojo Estafa.

Por desgracia es habitual el trabajo sumergido en la hostelería: echar más horas que un reloj, contratos precarios, etc. Pero lo que hemos visto aquí es el colmo: un buen compañero que acepta echar todas las horas del mundo es despedido vilmente y sin cobrar un duro, con la única razón del que manda.

Bar Antojo se ha negado a pagar lo que debe al compañero despedido, por lo que nos hemos visto obligados a abrir un conflicto con este restaurante situado en la calle Calatrava Nº 44.

Dissabte 19 de maig xerrada informativa sobre la nova reforma laboral

Warszawa: Protest ZSP pod salonem Empiku na ul. Marszałkowskiej

Dziś w Warszawie, pod największym salonem Empiku na ul. Marszałkowskiej, odbyła się pikieta solidarnościowa z pracownikami sieci. Pikietę zorganizował Związek Syndykalistów Polski. W wyniku bardzo licznej liczby zgłoszeń pracowników sieci, jury konkursu na Najgorszego Pracodawcę uznało Empik za "zwycięzcę" w tej mało chwalebnej konkurencji.

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