miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012

04/04/2012, Noticias (A)IT/IW(A)

M31: Prelude in Frankfurt to Joint and European Wide Anti-Capitalist Protests

Within a common day of action against capitalism on March 31, there have been rallies and demonstrations in more than 40 European cities. These actions are the beginning of an international networking by the anti-authoritarian movement against the European Union's ruling crisis policy. The common goal is a free society in which everybody can participate. The foundation for that can only be an economy in which everybody is provided with a good life instead of wealth for a small number of people and poverty, existential fear and work baiting for many. On March 31, tens of thousands of people in more than 40 European cities, set in motion for that.

Demonstration against Privatization of School Cafeterias

On April 3 we demonstrated against the privatization of  school cafeterias in Warsaw.  The city has decided to privatize some school cafeterias and outsource the work to catering companies. This means that 186 people, mostly women over 50, will lost their jobs. And the catering companies offr shit jobs and high prices for their services that parents will have to pay for. At the same time that the city argues that it needs to cut costs, it is spending 8 times more money than it costs to run all the schools cafeterias in the center of Warsaw to build some special (and useless) zone for football fans in the center of the city for the Euro 2012.

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